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"Very professional.  I relaxed much more deeply with you than I did with the previous past life regression session I had in Birmingham."

​Jacqueline - Birmingham


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"Keith, I could wax lyrical about all you have done for me."

"Having suffered from anxiety and depression, and taken antidepressants for 25 years, I decided to try a different approach and try hypnotherapy.  It would turn out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.  When I started being treated by Keith I explained that I didn’t expect a cure as I had been told by the medical profession that that was not possible, rather I wished to understand how and why my anxiety came about and, maybe, lower the dosage of the pills I take daily.  To my surprise Keith 

"Having suffered for years, I can't believe the difference that Curative Hypnotherapy has made to me.  Only 3 weeks after treatment and I already feel a change in me."

​Chris - Bristol

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"Having smoked for over 23 years, I'd wanted to give up for a number of those years and tried many different methods to stop smoking, patches, chewing gum, NHS packs and fake cigarettes, but nothing worked.

 I was surprised to be asked a number of questions about my smoking, when I first started smoking, the reason why, if I had a reason to start smoking and a lot more questions than I can remember now; I was impressed that Keith didn’t just hypnotise me, but took the time to ensure which of his Smoking Cessation programmes best suited my needs. 
From the moment he started I felt completely relaxed, in a quiet relaxing place I had never experienced before.  The treatment lasted 45 minutes, but felt like I had just closed my eyes for a minute.
My big worry about giving up smoking was getting fat, although Keith had assured me this wouldn’t happen.  I was concerned that I would over eat to compensate for not smoking and that when I went out drinking I would lapse.  If anything, I have done the complete opposite, I have never eaten so healthily in all my life and when I go out drinking I couldn’t think of anything worse than smoking.  It’s one of the best things I have ever done; Keith has changed my Life.
 I would highly recommend the treatment. Keith is fantastic and extremely professional."

Georgie - Leeds​​

told me that he believed he could cure me and with his treatment, kindness, understanding and expertise I am now cured.  From the very first session I felt my mood lift and change.  I became calmer and less worried about things that could happen and was no longer self-focussed.  I have now started to reduce the antidepressants I take, I sleep better and look forward to the beginning of each new day.  Keith has, literally, changed my life, for which I will be ever-grateful."

Linda - Telford

"I saw Keith last year as a last resort in a bid to give up smoking.  I had tried several methods, including hypnotherapy, and all had failed.
I had been a smoker for over 30 years, around 20-30 a day, and was desperate, but not hopeful of getting the help I needed.
Keith's visit was very relaxed, though I still felt sceptical, but he put me at ease from the word go.  A short session and I've been a Non-Smoker for over a year!  I seriously can't believe it!I feel so much better, I can taste, smell and breathe now, and I've saved enough money for a holiday this year!
Give Keith a go, you'll never look back!"

Paul - Manchester.

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