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​​​The most commonly experienced sexual problem for women is Vaginismus (the muscles around the vagina contract and make penetration very painful or impossible).

​Although the above are the most common sexual problems, a sexual problem is a problem or dysfunction that occurs at any phase of the sexual response cycle (Excitement, Orgasm, Plateau, Resolution) and prevents either or both individuals from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity. 

​The majority of sexual problems are a result of an underlying psychological issues which include, but are not limited to: Work Related Stress or Anxiety, Concern about Sexual Performance, Marital or Relationship Problems, Depression, Feelings of Guilt, The Effects of A Past Sexual Trauma.  However, that's not to rule out any physical issues which include, but not limited to: Diabetes, Heart and Vascular Disease, Hormone Imbalance, Excessive Alcohol or Drug use.​​

Sexual Problems

Symptoms         Sexual Problems

​​​​Sexual problems affect many people at some point in their life, but often, due to the

embarrassment felt, they do not seek help and this only make matters worse by creating additional stress, anxiety, fear and ultimately even depression.

​Some of the most common sexual problems for men are: Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction and Performance Anxiety.

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​The best way to resolve your sexual problem is to locate the root cause, the underlaying reason 'why', why your sexual problem exists within you and this is what Curative Hypnotherapy seeks to discover, understand and reinterpret.  Once the root cause has been corrected, your problem simply fades away, 'without a cause there can be n symptom.'

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