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Isn't All Hypnotherapy The Same?

No, all hypnotherapy is not the same.  Although certain forms share similarities, those which rely on suggestion and suppression of symptoms to manage conditions, the same is not true of Curative Hypnotherapy.

Curative Hypnotherapy is distinguished from all other forms of hypnotherapy by its use of logic and the fact that the therapist approaches each client and condition without any pre-conceived notions other than 'the subconscious holds all of the information.'  Curative Hypnotherapy focuses on the Why (why a symptom has been created, why the client's experiences, thoughts, feelings or memories adversely affect them) and locates, identifies and subsequently corrects the misinformation.


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Can Anybody Be Hypnotised?

Theoretically, anyone can be hypnotised, I do not know of any physical reason why a person cannot be hypnotised.  However, there may be a number of psychological reasons why a person resists allowing themselves to relax sufficiently to enter a true hypnotic state; most often this is because they have a deep-seated need to always be in control and somehow by allowing themselves to be hypnotised they will give up that control.

Do You Control My Mind Like The TV Show Hypnotist Does? 

It's a common misconception that a person's mind can be controlled against their will.  People on TV shows are specially selected from the hundreds who apply and then whittled down through a number of tests that enables the Stage Hypnotist to select the most willing, cooperative, extrovert the ones who are willing to follow suggestion and wanting to be the centre of attention, in other words those who are happy to play along.

What a Stage Hypnotist does is not Hypnotherapy!

How Many Sessions Will It Take?

As we are all individuals who are as unique as the cause of our symptom is to ourselves, it means it is not possible to accurately predict the number of sessions.   Most people, on average, require 7 sessions, some people require less and others required more.  However, my aim is to achieve your desired outcome in as few sessions as possible.  

I will always keep you informed of how your treatment is progressing.