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Some other forms of hypnotherapy focus on 'what' the symptom is and what you would like changed or ‘When’ your symptom started, the trigger event, when it affects you and how it can be managed when it does.  These can produce quick results, but seldom provide lasting changes.  

As a Curative Hypnotherapist, my aim is to provide permanent disposal of the affecting symptom without the requirement for future top-up sessions.

If you think of your symptom as a tree, you could chop it down and it is no longer evident, but the root still exists and in time the tree will grow again.  However, if you take a little longer and dig up the tree (removing the root) it can no longer grow again.  Curative hypnotherapy ‘digs up the tree’ thus providing a permanent resolution. 

If there is no cause there cannot be an outcome.

Curative Hypnotherapy does not carry any contra-indications or dangers, it is an enjoyable, comfortable and relaxing treatment, which doesn't involve having to relive traumatic past events. Hypnosis is just deep relaxation, you are always in full control.

If have any questions that are not answered on theFAQspage or would like to know more about treatment or if you think Curative Hypnotherapy could be the treatment for you Contact metoday. 

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Curative Hypnotherapy is an advanced therapy, quite unlike other forms of hypnotherapy, which focuses on the 'Why' a symptom has been created.  

By focusing on the 'Why' (why your experiences, thoughts, feelings or memories adversely affect you) and locating and identifying why the subconscious believes it is necessary for the symptom to exist.  Then it is possible to correct that information, so there is no longer a requirement for the symptom.  This provides a permanent cure, meaning the symptom would not resurface in the future.

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